News for September 2012

I’ve added a couple of new images to the Photography Gallery.  They’re an homage to the Storyville district of New Orleans and the beautiful photography of E. J. Bellocq.  The model was “Lunamorte Louise” and she was marvelous to work with.

Speaking of new photos, my wife and I will be collaborating on a shoot with the stunning Carlotta Champagne on September 22nd – we are very excited and I’ll be sure to post them here.

And for those who’ve asked (yes, people really have asked and its very flattering!) we DO plan to go to DragonCon in Atlanta for 2013.  We’re also mapping out possible other Cons and Art Shows to attend, so look out for news on all that soon.

And last but not least, I found a 2006 CoffinRust Halloween print, number 1 of 31, buried in some paperwork and have listed it on eBay – starting cheap, so don’t miss this very rare opportunity to own a little piece of Halloween history!  Click HERE to place your bid.

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